Getting a Job.

So, here begins my year out of University. It’s all good making plans in your head for travelling, doing more cultured activities like going to the theatre, trying things you’ve never had the opportunity to experience before BUT…there is a catch. These things all cost money and the last thing I want do is to get myself into more student debt!we have no mey

As my dad says,

The best things in life are free, Becky. The second best things however are very expensive.

So not wanting to become a hermit and hibernate through my year off due to lack of funds, a few months ago I made the decision to step into duh duh duh….EMPLOYMENT.

I am now working as a part-time waitress. Whilst my younger brother went into waiting on tables pretty much as soon as he turned 16, I never really had the time to get a job at weekends because I was always so busy with extra-curricular activities- choir, orchestra, drama groups etc. So, now as a 20 year old, starting a permanent job was quite a nerve-wracking decision for me to embark upon.

th    Earning my own money is such a great feeling! When I’m handed that weekly envelope full of cash with my name on the front, I can honestly say a little imaginary audience in my head erupts into an enthusiastic applause.

What’s more, the job is challenging – being a waitress has taught me so much already and makes me much more appreciative of the service I receive when I myself dine out with family and friends. There’s a lot to grumble about yes, with regards to ungrateful, rude and difficult customers who can sometimes treat you like you have the inferior status of something below that of a human being, YET, my eyes have equally been opened to so many positives as well. I love having the opportunity to brighten peoples’ days if they haven’t had the best 8 hours at work, I enjoy chatting and joking with locals as I get to know regular customers. Working in public service truly is a profession very much underrated that comes with great responsibility.

th (1) 

You can either make or break an evening and I’m striving to MAKE as many people’s nights as possible, and as a bonus, reaping the rewards (which my bank account profusely thanks me for).


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