The Technology Trap

I often find myself wondering what the Romans and Victorians, the Greeks, the Celts, or any other legendary groups of the past would think if they could see us now. What would their reaction be if they could see us in the future with CCTV cameras, mobile phones, iPads and iPods, computers, X boxes.

These tiny electrical machines have quickly formed the largest world invasion since the Daleks took over in Doctor Who.

Did you know, if you so wished, you could live your entire life in one single room, ordering food online, socialising through Facebook and Twitter and keeping up to date on the news through your TV.

Now I’m not wanting to techno-shame anybody here, I think it’s a great commodity in the 21st century! People are in constant communication with each other and always in tune with the latest news and events around them. Technology has helped our central intelligence uncover threats and keep our society safe. Nevertheless, I believe these gifts come at a price…

Checking-SmartphonesMobile phones and social media promise to CONNECT us, yet in my experience they have done quite the opposite. I have watched sadly as families sit around tables in restaurants, the children glued to their iPads and the parents trawling through their Facebook news feeds. Conversation is non-existent and it seems many of us have forgotten how to maintain one without clicking on our phone to check on how many likes our latest Instagram has received or how many retweets we’ve had in the past 10mins we haven’t been checking our notifications. And, what’s more, NOBODY IS IMMUNE.

I have found myself guilty of asking for the wifi password on various occasions, sometimes on holiday or in a restaurant or venue. I failed on these accounts, to see what I had right in front of me and to be grateful for the physical presence of others that could actually give me something back that wasn’t an emoticon!

So yes, technology does scare me a bit, because how ever much we acknowledge how antisocial it can make us, we still can’t quite get enough tweets, snapchats and instagrams in our lives.


Everything in moderation is a good place to start. Maybe we should all try to help each other with this 21st century addiction and agree before going out that there’ll be no smartphones at the table. For a long time now my family have had a ‘NO MOBILE AT MEALS‘ rule and sometimes my friends and I joke that we’ll put all the phones in the middle of the table, and the first to crack has to foot the entire bill (we’re yet to see that through).

There’s nothing wrong with checking your social media, it’s a part of our culture but it’s important that this does not interfere with what human beings are best at – physically interacting and socialising with family and friends.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chanelle says:

    I find it so rude when you’re talking to someone and they’re not listening because they’re on their phone or as soon as their phone goes off they pick it up.


    1. beckyscoop says:

      Yes I know! They should be hanging off your every word haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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