Modelling: Stereotype Vs Reality

“Don’t go into modelling, it’ll be bad for your confidence”

“Ooo dangerous business that”

“The girls in modelling are so bitchy, you won’t like it”

“Be prepared to be constantly crying because you’re never quite good enough”

Above are a few warnings I received from various people before embarking on another direction in my life – MODELLING. Unfortunately, although these words were spoken with my best interests at heart, I’ve found myself feeling quite frustrated at this negative stereotype surrounding the business.

Every venture that people take on in their lives is filled with pros and cons, this is a simple, concrete fact and forms the intricate tapestry of life.

Why is it that we focus on the negatives and dismiss the positives with such ease?Negative-thinkers-focus-on-problems-Positive-thinkers-focus-on-results

Since I went into modelling, I have had the opportunity to experience so much! I’m constantly learning about this multi-billion pound industry that has always captivated me. I’ve adopted a better attitude of resilience and am finally at a point in my life where I have accepted that rejection is NOT a failure but an opportunity to step in a new direction.8a82b24c5c3aa7d5a766e24508f01e7b

As for the calibre of people I was so warned about, I have made some incredible, beautiful friends across all ages. Having had my confidence knocked so much in the past by bitchy comments and nasty digs, it has been so refreshing to enter into a group of people that offers me total support. I’ve learnt so much from people even younger than myself, who have been in this industry for years and feel I have been genuinely looked after and kept safe on every job I have taken part in for my agency.

I get to travel, work with professional photographers and designers (who have great experiences under their belts that they are only too happy to share) and be constantly challenged! The whole endeavour is moulding me, I feel, into a stronger woman and I am excited to continue learning and meet more incredible people!

At a point in my life when I felt a little lost and lacking direction, pursuing modelling and getting to know the people at the agency really did give me back my mojo.

So a big thank you to them, very grateful they’re in my life. 


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