Why Can’t It Just Last Forever?

Nearing the end of summer, we tend to hear ourselves and those around us complaining A LOT

I just wish it wouldn’t end

I didn’t want to come home, could have stayed on holiday forever and just not come back

Spent all my summer savings, wish it just grew on trees

This time of the year, when most of us are wishing things like money, holidays or even weather would just not end, well- it’s got me thinking about this whole LACK OF PERMANENCE that is a given concept of life, but one that we all have a pretty tough time accepting.

Nothing good ever lasts. Bummer- but fortunately the same goes for vice versa, nothing terrible ever lasts either. The point is that the fact everything is temporary makes us place an incredible amount more value onto experiences and life in general! It gives incentive to make the most of time and experience, allowing us to develop beautiful virtues such as gratitude and appreciation. If things, including our lives were permanent , I hate to think what kind of a race we’d be, incapable of valuing anything, incapable of – I’d even go as far to say…truly LOVING.

In my honest opinion, people could not be expected to know how to love if they were not also aware of the feeling of loss or transience. I imagine we’d be like a race of Veruca Salts from Charlie and the Chocolate Factorytumblr_lzxbf8szip1qm1687o1_500

So really, and I include myself in this, next time we feel ourselves about to complain that something is going to end, we need to think instead about how grateful we are to have experienced it in the first place. It’s also safe to say that if things lasted forever, we wouldn’t be valuing them at all.


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