Taking On Iceland

Iceland is one of the most amazing, diverse landscapes I have ever visited.

 In the space of fifteen minutes in the car we’d have moved from green fields and hills, to black, volcanic landscape and then onto hot springs, of the purest blue!

Firstly, YES I SAW THE NORTHERN LIGHTS. 14390758_10210292456209744_4249648787264950438_nIt was early in the morning on our second night when members of the crew began excitedly waking those of us who’d hit the sack and urged us to come outside into the bitter cold!…I don’t think I’ve ever climbed out of bed so fast and was not disappointed. My eyes genuinely filled as I watched the pale green/blue lights flow across the sky above our villa.



Shooting at the BLACK SANDS in Iceland was another experience I will never forget, especially as it involved getting into the Atlantic ocean in nothing but a bikini!

Surprisingly the cold didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would – strangely enough when you’ve got a camera pointed in your direction, your body seems to subconsciously numb itself and suddenly the cold isn’t an issue anymore (it’s when the shoot stops that you suddenly think ‘SHIT I CAN’T FEEL MY LIMBS’).

The other models and crew were an absolute joy to work with and it was most definitely a week of extreme bonding – from striving to warm each other up between shoots, to supporting each other when we were almost green in the face from sea sickness on the 2 hour boat shoot. 14390897_10210310379177807_6921134041161169289_n

With days beginning at 5:30am and ending with dinner at about 10:30pm, I was hugely dependant on about 5 coffees a day to keep me sane (although, I think the rest of the crew would agree this is hardly the word to describe my random outbursts of song and dance that occurred more times than I care to mention in the week).

Overall, it was one of the most challenging and enriching experiences of my life so far! I feel like I overcame so much, learning from the crew, photographers, my agent and the more experienced models, whilst embracing the overwhelmingly beautiful landscape, regardless of the extreme wind, rain and cold temperatures.

I was privileged to be dressed in absolutely wonderful designs and despite the week being hard work, I’ve been home for a few hours and already miss it and everyone I got to share it with!


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