Autumn/Winter Fashion

Hello to my favourite time of year! (more specifically, the build up to Christmas which is just the best part of my year – decorating the house, going to the German markets, singing carols, getting that Bublé christmas album out of your cabinet and turning it up as loud as your ears can handle!)

During this season, anybody like me who lives and breathes fashion, I’m sure will already be in hunter mode, on the look out for coats, accessories, boots, hats and jumpers so you can strut all the way through October to December. I just thought I’d kick off the season by listing a few of my Autumn/Winter looks and what I’ve grabbed from retailers so far.

1. A winter coat 

Asos: £85

This green faux fur coat is perfect for the season! Not only is it a less commonly worn colour, but you instantly feel glam and Christmassy. I’ve worn it so much already and am getting so many requests as to where I bought it from that I just had to include it within this blog. For all the material you’re getting I really think the price of £85 is a bargain. I’ll definitely be getting my wear out of it this season.

2. A sparkly dress for party season

Dress: Topshop              Shoes: Office

I actually bought this back in 2015 in the Topshop sale. Choker tops and dresses have fought their way to the top of the fashion food chain. I do love these designs but what sold me on this particular piece was the sparkles. I am a sucker for anything glitzy; it’s like as soon as I see sparkles my eyes grow three sizes bigger and I MUST have it. For the holiday season, glitter is essential. Nothing says Christmas more than a bit of glitz and glamour.









Dress: Asos, £22            Boots: Steve Madden, £125

Now I’ve put that in capitals simply because I have recently massively OD’d on velvet. Fashion week saw this gorgeous material rocket up once again to the pristine hot spot on the MUST HAVE list this holiday season. This shirt dress can be worn casually or spiced up for a more formal occasion depending on how you accessorise but the simple, chic design means it really can be made appropriate for any occasion.

Skirt: Topshop, £19    Leotard: American Apparel       Coat: Marks & Spencer (Indigo), £65  Shoes: Office, £40






The skirt is…no surprise, also velvet and is ideal for casual or smart occasions. I personally like this number with BLACK tights, boots and a black leotard (a thin polar neck would also work well). You could also brighten the look up by wearing a cream blouse or jumper, but I chose to add this colour on as an additional layer!

Marks & Spencer: £15






I bought this snowflake choker last week and although I haven’t worn it yet, I can hardly wait to put it on with a simple cream blouse or little black dress. There’s not much it won’t look right with but I do think you’d be showing the fine detail off to the best of your ability if you were to keep your look simplistic (no vibrant colours – try stick to creams, greys, black // I’d also recommend something with a low neck-line)





4. Boots

Black platforms- Asos: £40

Maroon boots- Asos: £48

These temperatures are not skin friendly so it’s closed toe shoe season, but that is by no means a restriction! Sales of gorgeous boots are round every corner in shopping centres and one click away online. A black pair is always safe and I’m so in love with this maroon pair I recently purchased from Asos- I haven’t seen any like them anywhere else and the use of different materials for the toe, sole and base make these heels really stand out from the crowd.

5. Snuggly accessories

Earmuffs: Topshop, £18
Scarf: Zara, £19.99


6. Knitwear

Knitwear is possibly my favourite kind of clothing. In my opinion there is no such thing as having enough jumpers, especially during the winter months.

Jumper: Asos, £35          Beret: Topshop                   Scarf: Topshop
Jumper: Asos £30         Skirt: Boohoo                            Gilet: Topshop          Shoes: Steve Madden

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