Letter to My 15 Year Old Self

Dear Becky,

You’re at that stage on the growing up scale,

Two years into your teens and you’re ready to bail.

Does this black liquid go on my eye?” “He’s not text me back!

Bite your lip, don’t cry.


It’s time to say goodbye to trainers and toys!

And welcome into your life a pair of boobs and oh- did I mention boys?

And here’s the question I’d love to ask – Would you scoff if I told you,

The teen dramas won’t last?


It seems pretty important right now to go to the coolest parties and wear the best clothes,

But these things are meaningless and don’t help you grow.

Find yourself and stop trying to fit in,

Be yourself; embrace your own skin.


Stop crying over those girls’ comments that bite,

Little do they know that they’re fuelling your fight.

I know you feel quite lost and alone

But you need to live your life for you, after all it’s all your own.


I won’t tell you what’s waiting 5 years down the line,

You’re not ready for that yet, just trust in time.

Hurdles will persist and many times you’ll fall

But getting back up you’ll stand twice as tall.


And try not to trust as easily as you do,

Not everyone’s heart beats honest and true.

You’ll come to know for yourself who is friend and who is not,

But don’t feel anger toward those who wrong you- that’s when you’ll rot.


True to character it seems I’ve a lot more to say,

But I know how important it is that you light your own way.

Just remember that when it seems you’re surrounded by dark,

This is your journey. Your adventure. Get ready to embark. 



Becky xxx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I LOVE this! I got goosebumps! Great read chick x


    1. beckyscoop says:

      Thank you so much Rosie! Glad you liked it 🙂 xxx


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