The Christmas Markets

They’ve OFFICIALLY LANDED in Manchester! The German Christmas markets are back. Most people who know me will confirm that I go nuts this time of year. The lights, the songs, the festive movies, the sentimental traditions, the decorations, the family gatherings, christmas trees – I love it all.


So despite the weather being grey today, both myself and my friend Anna embraced Christmas the best way Mancunians can – by hitting Albert’s Square, St Anne’s, Spinningfields and Market Street, where you can find all things Christmassy from 10th November – 21st December.


Our priority was MULLED WINE. The glühwein at the christmas markets is equalled by none. At St Anne’s there are so many flavours available – cherry, raspberry, blueberry and you can even get it with a shot of amaretto! Both Anna and I tried the cherry flavour and were not disappointed, especially as we also received complimentary gingerbread biscuits to nibble on at the same time.





After we’d enjoyed our toasty beverage, we continued exploring the colourful, vibrant stalls. Unless you’ve been before, it’s impossible to explain what an incredible combination of scents awaits – a mix of deliciously sweet, rich flavours merged with tantalising savoury aromas.





Besides all the food distractions we did eventually get round to doing what we originally came for, which was…christmas shopping for our family and friends. Now I know quite a lot of the people I bought gifts for today read this blog so I won’t be revealing anything here. NO SPOILERS. The only thing I will say is that as usual, I’ve excelled in the gift department.


The two of us had such a wonderful day and it really got us both in the true christmas spirit. I don’t think there was one person working behind a stall that we didn’t end up having a right old chin wag with! Despite the awful things we’ve been seeing on the news and reading in the headlines, town was like a haven of diversity, charity and perpetual hope for all. Christmas spirit is something so special which I really think is underestimated in society. Right now, with everything that’s happening, a little bit of christmas spirit is what we all need.


















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