No Negative Energy Here

Does anyone else remember what they learned in Physics lessons whilst in high school? I was never a scientifically charged pupil BUT I do strongly recall one particular aspect of my Physics GCSE course – The Law of the Conservation of Energy.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a physics lesson. I just want to think about that law for a moment. For anybody who’s forgotten, it’s the concept that energy can neither be created or destroyed, rather it must transfer from one form to another.


Now I want you to consider how many times you’ve been on the receiving end of nasty or callous behaviour from others. Let’s call this NEGATIVE ENERGY. People tell you to ‘just let it slide‘ or ‘toughen up‘, in other words, to act as if it doesn’t affect you. This, as all physicians would tell you, contradicts The Law of the Conservation of Energy. This bad energy can’t just vanish into thin air with a snap of your fingers. If you try and do that, who knows the crippling affect it could have on you in later life.

The Solution?  – CONVERT it into POSITIVE ENERGY. You need to use every criticism received, every dirty look and nasty dig, every exclusion and alienation you have experienced, and turn it into something you can use to better yourself. Don’t let the bad energy fester, instead, use it as fuel and motivation to propel you towards your goals.

In my opinion, NEGATIVE ENERGY never ceases to sting initially…this energy conversion idea isn’t a cure for that because we’re all human and therefore sensitive to what others say and think about us.

However we are also far too precious to let these insignificant things affect the way we see ourselves. It’s hard to make that initial conversion of energy because it’s much easier to be a victim. Unfortunately for us, there’s no knight in shining armour who can fight our battles for us, so we have to do it ourselves- not by pushing down our hurt, but by using the pain to strengthen our hearts and set our inner fires alight.


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