The Mae Deli hit the spot!

After sorting my visa at the US Embassy in London on Tuesday to ensure I am now officially approved and sanctioned to work in New York for three months (yay!!), I decided it was the perfect opportunity to visit Deliciously Ella’s ‘The Mae Deli’. I’ve been seriously craving the famous breakfast bowls constantly posted across their Instagram for months and as usual, I entered the café sure of what I wanted and exactly how I wanted it.


SO – with porridge as a base, I then added i) mixed seeds ii) apple and berry compote iii) almond butter (I’m obsessed with the stuff). Although a breakfast bowl is really meant to be a *base and three toppings, I had to go ahead and do my usual thing by requesting an extra side of chopped banana – I can’t have porridge without banana, I simply can’t.

My creation along with a healthy hot chocolate made with rice milk

I usually pride myself on how satisfying the breakfasts are I make at home but I’ve truthfully never had a bowl of porridge that filled me quite so well – HEY, I had a full day of Christmas shopping ahead of me – never mind the gym, dashing round the stores in December with your hands full of bags is a strenuous cardio workout.


I was also really chuffed with how friendly the people were who worked there. I’m a firm believer in the fact that a smile goes a long way and the employees at ‘The Mae Deli‘ were not lacking in this department as they experienced me talking their heads off at the till.

The decor was also spot on, with plenty of seating upstairs plus a spacious downstairs area with a couple of booths and some sofa seats. The tables were a happy pastel blue colour and each one had its own pot of cutlery with napkins too.

Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, I couldn’t recommend this place more!

Friendly Staff, Cute Decor, Unforgettable Food.

Becky approves, so thank you Ella Woodward.


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