Gossip Girl xoxo

We’ve all been there – the powerful position of knowledge, having the 411 on a situation or a person or relationship.


You know something others don’t…do you a) SHARE or do you b) CARE enough to remain silent? Sure, growing up it can be hard to decide between doing the moral thing and grasping an opportunity to have the spotlight (no matter how brief), but once we get older, is it really acceptable to sacrifice the bonds of trust for attention and dominance in social groups?


Recently, I’ve had a real taster of how dangerous and destructive gossip can be. More often than not, the source is not even a person who has broken a bond of trust, but an outsider who has made a presumption or tinkered with the truth. Their intentions were perhaps not particularly malicious or calculated, but isn’t that the real danger behind these things? It seems that what makes gossip so formidable is the fact it appears to be entirely harmless. Danger in life tends not to be signposted in big bold letters as it is on roads or building sites, but obscure and camouflaged within supposed ‘fun and games’.

‘All kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures are being tamed and have been tamed by mankind,  but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison’


In February through to May, I’ll be working with a magazine that works on exposing the truth and banishing false, idle ‘gossip’ from the headlines. The more we exclude it from our media, the better the example to society. Yes, people will never cease to be discussed and those people in turn will never cease to discuss others- nobody is totally innocent, but every time each of us (and I include myself in this) remembers the damage these discussions have the power to cause, we’re making a well and truly needed difference to the world.

That’s all from me



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