Goodbye England, Hello New York!

The day is finally here…Manchester home girl off to the Big City.


The seatbelt sign went off a few minutes ago and I immediately grabbed my laptop from the overhead locker and began writing. Currently counting my blessings – I’m not sat next to anyone who has a virus resembling the plague (happened before) 1522185-980xand I’m not stuck in front of a child who finds kicking the seat in front to be a most appropriate method of killing time on a 7 and a half hour flight (also happened before).
I’m blessed to say I’m sat in a virus-free, no-child zone with endless movies to browse through, free snacks and complimentary beverages for 7 hours…bliss. I even have a vegan meal to look forward to devouring later on.

My Mum, Dad and brother came to see me off earlier. Mum attempted (rather unsuccessfully) to bite back her tears which meant her “Goodbye, I love you” sounded more like “Raryee, jmooveu“…lucky for her I can translate. While she blubbered, Papa Page stood with his hands in his pockets (obviously crying on the inside) reminding me to be careful to budget and keep hold of all my visa documents. After repeating ‘goodbye‘s and ‘love you‘s, I finally took the first steps that marked the beginning of my three month adventure.


Sat at the departure’s gate- coffee in one hand, bag of duty free make-up in the other (oh I’m so very basic)- I watched hoards of people pour through. I love playing that game where you try and imagine peoples’ situations, destinations and relationships depending on where they’re going, what they’re wearing etc. I observed quite a diverse group of characters- one man dressed in black with dark shades was a spy in pursuit of a world-renowned criminal, a glamorous lady with red soled shoes and a Prada bag was off to land yet another great business deal for her company, a young guy with no hand luggage at all, wearing baggy jeans and a Levis t-shirt had spontaneously bought a ticket to fly to a recently departed friend in order to declare his love… This, along with eavesdropping on a group of hilarious guys going on a “lads holiday”, I successfully killed about half an hour before I heard the long awaited call for my flight to New York.

And now I’m sat, typing away on my laptop, thousands of feet above your heads. I’ll be blogging as much as I possibly can during my time working in the Big Apple and hope you’ll enjoy reading about and sharing in my experiences. If anyone has any requests of posts they’d like me to do whilst in New York, please let me know- whether it’s Broadway shows to see, places to eat or even movie locations to visit so you can relive the very best motion picture scenes – I’m talking Sex and the City, Sleepless in Seattle, Big, When Harry Met Sally, Friends

So, all that’s left to say is – I’ll see you in New York.



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