The City of Dreams

Well despite the snow blizzard, I survived…that doesn’t mean I didn’t end up getting absolutely drenched with icy sludge as the taxis sped past me while I waited to cross on the sidewalk. I’ve discovered that yellow cab drivers really only care about one thing – their destination. And if (God forbid) you get in the way of them and the place they need to get to…well let’s just hope it never comes to that. I’ve learned never to cross them.


The week has been an absolute blast. I’ve really settled into my internship at GossipCop and am getting to know the methods behind  reporting accurate and trustworthy stories. The amount of fake news circulating the media is more than I could have ever imagined and whilst many people who buy into the gossip magazines and tabloids are not meaning to, they’re feeding a negative, malicious cause that seeks to exploit celebrities for financial gain. Half of the headlines are hypocritical to what the same tabloid printed a few days previously, and just because a magazine claims to have an “exclusive” does not necessarily make it true.

At lunch during the week, I discovered a vegan chain café which is super popular over here in the USA, called By Chloe (a more detailed food blog is on its way). My favourite dish off the menu so far is the Guac burger and the giant espresso cinnamon cookie – and when I say giant, I mean bigger than my head kind of giant.

What’s more, the classic New York city views on my walk there are far from ordinary.


The people I’ve met here so far are all wonderful. Any opportunity that enables you to build international friendships is an absolute blessing in my book. Australia, China, Korea, Spain, Amsterdam, Chicago, the Philippines and Kent are just a few of the origins of the friends I’ve made this week. Here’s a selection of pictures below at miss Korean bbq in Korea Town.

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On Friday night, a few of us went to Sugar Factory in Times Square before heading on to see CATS on Broadway! Now I’ve heard mixed things about this musical but as usual, I dashed from my mind any bad review I’d heard and tested the water for myself. MIND BLOWN. Yes, it’s not the show to go and see if you want a solid plot line but the sheer magnificence of the dance and vocal skill on offer stands by itself as enough to keep you entertained for 2 hours. I know myself how difficult it is to maintain control over your voice when you’re dancing but the moves these actors were throwing was on another level entirely, and nothing else suffered because of it! My favourite numbers were of course – Memory (pretty standard but had to be said), Macavity and The Old Gumble Cat.



Brunch at Bluestone Lane Café (Australian themed) was TO DIE FOR. Ironically, it was the British girl (me) taking the Australian (Alex) to taste the cuisine.

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Although I have done it before, Top of the Rock was an essential activity to check off the bucket list this year. I met another girl from Australia today called Ren and along with her, Brian, Julia, Curtis and Alex, I went for lunch at Alice’s Teacup (an Alice and Wonderland themed café) and climbed to the highest summit of NYC. The view was even better than what I remember…

We also saw the oh-so-iconic St Paul’s Cathedral– there’s something about places of worship that just makes me feel totally at peace and warm inside. I know a lot of people believe religion to be at the heart of war and conflict, but I don’t see it that way at all. The roots of religion are in fact beautiful, selfless and pure. What man choses to use it for is another story entirely. There were tourists yes, but there were also many lost in prayer at pews and by candle displays – they were oblivious to those around them. Here’s a few more pictures…


Overall – a breathtaking week in my favourite city in the world. I’m still wondering when I’m going to wake up from this dream.




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