A Love Poem to New York


To New York,


Your glowing yellow taxi cabs,

And constant, dazzling lights,

Your endless guided city maps,

And magic, breathless sights,

Are all enough, but not the whole of why I love you so,

Keep reading and you’ll see just why I never want to go.


Your insomnia seems to bother some,

“Why can’t you ever rest?”

But if you slept, we’d all be glum,

Your constant buzz is best.


Your weather tends to swing a lot,

From sun to storm to snow,

But boring I can tell you that you’re not!

You keep us on our toes.


The subway no one seems to love,

But I don’t see the fuss,

It’s crowded and there’s the odd shove,

I still prefer it to the bus.


I’ve seen you though a tourists’ eyes

And through a local’s too.

Your pros outnumber stars in the sky,

New York, I’m falling for you.


Your music, theatre, history, art,

Has left me tingling through and through.

Your people have already stolen my heart,

They’re diverse, passionate and true.


I tell you now, I don’t want to leave,

You’re nourishing my soul.

This could be, must be, has to be,


New York, you’ve made me whole.


From Your Valentine 




5 Comments Add yours

  1. andrethibaultblog says:

    Love this!!!! My favorite place I travel too!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beckyscoop says:

      Thank you! Yay really? It’s amazing, I’m here til May, going to Washington in a couple of weeks too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. andrethibaultblog says:

        Lol… I’m going to Washington DC tomorrow for 4 days…. I drive for academy bus so I get to travel a lot… was in New York yesterday… near 911….. New York is amazing!!!!


      2. beckyscoop says:

        have an amazing time! let me know if there’s any cool places I should visit. Yes the memorial for 9/11 is breathtaking

        Liked by 1 person

      3. andrethibaultblog says:

        Ok I will !!


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