Big Weekend in the Big Apple

It seems only fitting that when you’re in New York (one of the most non-stop, ceaseless, energetic cities in the world) your weekends should be anything but relaxing. No more lazy Saturday mornings or Sunday nights in – instead Brooklyn bar crawling, visiting celebrity hangouts, Greenwich jazz clubs and Broadway.

On Saturday, I went with Alex to a movie set I desperately wanted to check off the bucket list – Serendipity 3 (where the lovely Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack shared their first romantic night together in the movie ‘Serendipity‘) – it seemed appropriate as well seeing as I was getting the tattoo the next day. The line was EPIC but we got there just in time to secure ourselves a table.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a non-dairy option so the classic frozen hot chocolate was a ‘no’ for me BUT that didn’t stop Alex making a good go of it. I ended up with an iced coffee (my new USA obsession) and a fruit cup (my old standard obsession).

(Not quite as romantic as Cusack and Beckinsale but we did our best)

We mooched around for a bit in Blooming Dales, released our inner kids inside Dylan’s Candy Store, before heading to Central Park before Chicago on Broadway.

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As a musical theatre freak, Chicago was a show I just had to see whilst in New York and who was starring as leading lady ‘Roxy‘ but the ex-Spice Girl, Mel B. Of course most people were thrilled and I’m sure this casting did just what the production team intended it to do – sell more tickets. However, I had an inkling (and my inklings are never usually wrong) that she’d be a disappointment.

So my verdict – Her accent jumped between American, British and something that I can’t even put an origin to. Her weak vocals were shamed by the strength of the other characters and the chorus. Her acting (although not horrific) was very wooden and forced in many scenes. Thankfully the sheer brilliance of everyone else was enough to make me forget, briefly, about something that’s actually extremely frustrating. This show has been going for so long now, with little changes in cast and Mel B was obviously injected into the mix as a ploy to up the ante – more bums on seats, more energy in the audience, an exciting change in relationships on stage etc. But it wasn’t Mel B herself that was chosen to do this. It was her name. The hundreds of capable women residing in New York who missed out on this role of a lifetime because of a name is tragic and I think it just shows us that even the dazzling and mighty Broadway can be defeated by politics and profit.


Suddenly it was Sunday, and I was lying on a table getting a tattoo in Brooklyn which I’m super happy with! The artist also tattooed a cherry blossom on the ankle of my friend, Effy, which she equally loved! After that, we both set off with Alex, Charlotte and Ollie (a fellow Vegan from the UK woo!) to Champs Diner. Although it looks like a completely standard American diner with pancakes and burgers etc. don’t let it fool you! The food they serve is actually made with strictly NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. I had a cookie dough milkshake that was made from non-dairy milk and ice cream, plus (my breakfast usual) pancakes!

Vegan cookie dough milkshake

After feeling in our stomachs something that strongly resembled the post-Christmas dinner bulge, we decided to call it quits. The group of us met up with Julia who lives in and therefore knows Brooklyn like I know Disney, more than well. She took us to loads of cool bars and also to see the view of Manhattan from Transmitter Park as the sun was setting and creating a gorgeous amber hue on the skyline. Again I was reminded of how lucky I am to be here and was completely overcome with positivity, gratitude and contentment (mixed with a teeny bit of alcohol-induced giddiness).

{See slideshow below}

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