The ‘Breast’ Controversy

Here it is folks, the picture that’s caused all the upset- the accusations of hypocrisy, the name-calling of her as an embarrassment to the feminist movement and the enraged tweets comparing Emma Watson to a page 3 glamour girl.


The criticisms really began with controversial Telegraph columnist, Julia Hartley-Brewer, who tweeted this.


It seems that she has taken it upon herself to give feminism it’s own unique dress-code where breast exposure is simply not allowed. Perhaps if Julia had her way, anybody who calls themselves a true feminist in the 21st century should be walking around in a duvet, hiding their body from all. Frustration doesn’t so much as cover the half of what I feel having read some of these responses to the Vanity Fair shoot. It’s really highlighted for me, a huge misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the meaning of ‘feminism‘. Now, I presume from Julia’s outspoken nature on the matter, she thinks she’s got the movement pretty much nailed. Yet it appears she has missed the key, underlying and eternal thread running through the woven tapestry of feminism – freedom. Feminism celebrates women’s rights to decide what they do with their body, even if other’s wouldn’t do the same. Feminism means that if a woman wants to cover her body for religious reasons, she is entitled to do so. Feminism means that if a woman wishes to expose parts of her body, for be it fashion, art, photography or whatever, then she may. Feminism means choice. Emma Watson is a strong advocate of this freedom that many in our world are constantly denied. She has aided in the unlocking of a new wave of feminism, making it inclusive for males as well in #Heforshe . Despite the progress we have made in the recent years, the road ahead leaves much room for improvement in changing the way many in society view women and what constitutes as a feminist. Emma, I still think you rock.screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-11-58-04





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