A Drinking Guide to NYC

Something about New York just isn’t quite complete for me, without Cosmopolitans and rooftop bars. My years of obsessing over Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and The City‘ drove me to find only the most fabulous locations to enjoy a day or night of drinking with my pals in NYC! Here’s a few of the gems we discovered….

Talk about drinks with a view! Located in Williamsburg, Westlight is the perfect venue to watch the sunset over Manhattan whilst enjoying a Cosmopolitan, or two, or three…There are also sharing platters available if you fancy a quick nibble! A huge outdoor area means you can get the perfect picture of the breathtaking view and during hot summer days, gives guests the chance to bask in the sunshine while sipping on their alcoholic beverages. Going here with two of my closest friends from this trip was unforgettable, a magic movie moment I will never forget.


Actually, the very place that Carrie and Big had their pre-wedding dinner in the ‘Sex and The City‘ movie, Buddhakhan was an absolute priority for me to pay a visit to. It is for and foremost a restaurant serving delicious Asian dishes, but also a great place just to go for drinks with friends due to their huge bar area at the front. The lighting is dark, atmospheric and combined with the upbeat music, it almost feels like you’re in a club.


You want a taste of Hawaii? Get yourself downtown to Mother Of Pearl, where the waiters wear flowery beach tops instead of white and black, where everyday feels like a summer vacation and where you’re almost waiting for a girl in a hula skirt and coconut bra to burst out from behind the bar. A popular Tiki bar on the lower East side, Mother of Pearl has a very relaxed vibe and an incredibly cool list of cocktails to try – even I couldn’t get my standard Cosmo when faced with such a tempting menu! Make sure you try the Bubble Tea Cocktail!


Jazz and drinks? What’s not to like? Well…I guess a lot if you don’t like jazz but I’m hoping that’s the minority of people reading this! Blue Note Jazz Club will literally transport you back to the 1920s when New York was becoming one of the most important places in the world for jazz music. Although you have to pay for a ticket to get in on top of anything you order, I cannot tell you how much it is worth it (if you love jazz like I do, that is). Check out their website for the show schedule, each lasts for approximately an hour. Click here to see a link from the show I watched a few weeks ago; it gives you an idea of the atmosphere you should expect…


Guaranteed to give you the most New York night life experience you could have hoped for, PHD boasts an incredible view and great music. Dress to impress because this place doesn’t do anything by halves- I’m talking huge glow sticks, falling confetti, fans, smoke machines, semi-naked women doing acrobatics…the lot.


One of the many speakeasy bars in NYC (still in tact from the Prohibition when nightclubs and bars had to remain secret), located in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint. One minute you’re in a laundromat, you push a dryer-machine door and next thing you know, a secret beer bar with one of the city’s best collections of publicly playable pinball machines awaits! Their ‘Dogs Welcome’ policy means I even made a 4 legged friend. For other speakeasy locations, click here.


Ice lollies dipped in prosecco on a rooftop bar, basking in the sun? Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Maybe not the most sensible destination for drinks during the Winter months but now we’re making our way towards Summer, Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar , located on the 16th floor of the Conrad Hotel has never had us thirsting after it more. Although pricey, try to consider the fact that 20% of your bill is undoubtedly paying for the glorious view of the Hudson River, Statue of Liberty and New York Harbour, all of which you can enjoy whilst sipping on your cocktail or ice lolly infused prosecco.


A brunch spot barely open 8 weeks is thriving in Greenwich. Their drinks are unique and have a healthy kind of twist – I went for the ‘Too Good For You‘ (very Becky), a green concoction which consists of a blend of tequila, kale, agave syrup and cucumber. Whilst their vegan food choices are extremely limited (as I couldn’t even order the avocado on toast due to the fact it had been previously mixed with feta cheese), the waiting staff were still extremely helpful in suggesting dishes that would be right for me. Besides, I admittedly went for the cocktails, not the food.  I would 100% return and recommend anyone visiting NYC to try out this new hot spot as I feel it’s the new up and coming place to be!

I’m sure if you’re coming to New York, you’ll discover lots of places yourself but these really were my ultimate favourites of the weeks I spent in the city. Let me know in the comments if you have questions about my selection of drinking locations OR even if you’d like to share any bars you thought were worthy of a shoutout!



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