Why Carrie Bradshaw is My Idol


From Season 1, Carrie stunned me on ‘Sex and the City‘ with her sense of style and sometimes quite extrovert outfit decisions. The protagonists of all our favourite TV shows wear great clothes and inspire us with their trends, but I think it’s fair to say that nobody can do it quite like Carrie. She doesn’t blend in with the flavour of the month or trend of the year, she inspires the fashion of the future. Here’s a couple of little inspirations I got from Carrie….



When I first began to watch ‘Sex and The City‘ religiously, “I couldn’t help but wonder…” is this the kind of thing I want to be doing – writing a weekly column, exposing truths about my life for other women to relate to? Yes. I can honestly say that would be a dream. It’s Carrie Bradshaw’s relaxed, relatable and conversational styled columns that inspired me to start my own blog. She encouraged me to realise that it’s actually incredibly enriching to bash out your thoughts onto a keyboard, watching them as they form an entertaining balance of humour and thought-provoking prose on the screen, for others to read and (hopefully) enjoy.




It can’t just be me who sees the friendship between Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte as one of the best things ever to grace our television screens. They sometimes (ever so realistically) hurt each other, like when Samantha feels judged by Carrie when she catches her with a random guy or when Charlotte doesn’t offer to lend Carrie money when she hits a financial snag…but my idol got it right when she said “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” One thing that this group of 4 never lost in any of the seasons or the two movies was their loyalty and dedication to each other. Friends like that are worth fighting through anything for.



A lot of people don’t understand how I can possibly be so obsessed with ‘Sex and The City‘ whilst also maintaining that I’m a feminist. I don’t really think the two are so far removed as people think. Yes, the show is strongly concerned with sex and relationships and men…however, this is not the focus. The women are under the microscope – their friendship, their careers, how they balance their lives and how they mature and grow through the years. Carrie goes from being very dependant on men (Big in particular), even succumbing to being the ‘other woman‘, to suddenly finding her own ground and realising that she is who she is, and won’t change that for any man.


R.A.K. – random acts of kindness

  • that time she went all the way downtown to see Miranda on New year’s Eve because she didn’t want her to be alone
  • that time she left Gaurav money so he could fly home to see his wife
  • when she went to the hospital with Natasha rather than just putting her in a yellow cab AND broke it off with Big on the same day
  • when Carrie was exactly what Samantha needed her to be exactly when she needed her to be it (during the breast cancer treatment)

So yes, in my opinion, Carrie Bradshaw is NOT a desperate or annoying character which is often how many describe her. She is an everyday woman, like you and me, who is honest about her insecurities and vulnerabilities. She is by no means perfect and behaves sometimes in a way we don’t think she should – but doesn’t that make her more relatable, more human, more…like us? On numerous occasions Carrie is overpowered by men and falls into ‘dick-sand‘ (the term coined by Rebel Wilson in ‘How to be Single‘ referring to the metaphorical pit women can sink into when they meet a guy and lose themselves along the way). BUT what I love is that this happens to us ALL at points in our lives, and Carrie illustrates how these moments don’t define us – what defines us is how we deal with it and where we go from there.


Have a think about a TV or movie character who inspires you? 


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