How To Love & Accept Your Body

ATTENTION Ladies !! Summer is here, officially (even if our miserable rainy British weather doesn’t realise it yet). If you’re planning on going somewhere that’s actually guaranteed some sunny rays, I can imagine that, like me, the words “bikini bod” “beach ready” “gym sess” and “squats” are dominating your everyday vocab.

Let’s address that now.

We all seem to have the same end goal in our heads. Peachy bum, smaller waist, super toned thighs and shapely arms.


These women all look fabulous but we need to remember that generally they are one specific body type and that visually, no matter how much exercise we do or healthy grub we consume, not all of us are going to look like this.

And it’s even more important for us to realise that this is an inherently GOOD thing. We are a race that thrives off variety and diversity. So why do we all want to look like clones?


It’s more important for us to be learning to love ourselves and to be accepting the body we have as beautiful, special and completely unique. We can chose to treat it in whatever way we like (within reason of course) to make ourselves feel more comfortable – tone up, improve nutrition, gain weight, lose weight etc.

BUT, in many cases scrolling through the photoshopped, glossy images on our Instagram feed is not fuelling any determination to reach body goals but instead feeding an inner disdain for ourselves.

“I wish my bum was like hers”

“If only I had her boobs”

“Can you imagine having curves like that” 

So instead of doing the generic ‘Getting Your Summer Body‘ blog post, I’ve decided to focus on looking at ways we can feel as confident and comfortable as possible in what we’ve got.

  1. Know Your Bikini Style


For every individual woman, there is an individual bikini style that they feel most confident in. At the end of the day, we shouldn’t be dreading getting into a bikini – summer holidays are meant to be fun! That’s why it’s vital to find the right swimsuit that’s going to make you feel empowered and happy. For some women, bandeau will feel most complimentary, for others it will be halter, many of us would only ever feel comfortable in a tankini or high legged costume.

2. Stay hydrated and moisturised

Woman Eating Watermelonstay20hydrated

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it’s so strongly connected to the way we feel about our appearance. If you’re looking after your skin by regularly moisturising and drinking 2 litres of water a day, I can guarantee you’ll glow from the inside out and as a result, your confidence will be lifted. Now if you’re not a fan of water, try sticking some slices of cucumber into your bottle to give it more of a taste. You can even stay hydrated with certain foods that are high in water-content such as watermelon (96%), grapefruit (90%), pears (86%) and pineapple (95%) to name just a few!

3. Re-adjust your focus 

mirror and woman

Like most women, I can honestly say I am sometimes quite ungrateful for my body and what an incredible machine it actually is. I don’t focus on the fact that it functions the way it’s meant to, or on the fact I have all my limbs still intact. Instead, it seems that I pull myself a part every chance I get.

What good is that going to do, except make me feel inadequate? 

With summer now upon us, if we want to feel confident and empowered, we need to believe in ourselves. So, when you look in the mirror, focus on what you like about yourself instead of what you don’t. Instead of I hate that bump in my nose (which I do), we need to be thinking I like my smile orMy hair looks nice today …. only with that attitude can we eventually get to the place of I didn’t used to like that bump in my nose, but now I do, because nobody else has one like it. It makes me ME.”

4. Learn to look at yourself in the way you look at your friends


We always see the best in our friends because we love them. It’s as simple as that. When they feel rubbish and lacking in confidence, we instintively offer support by reminding them what makes them special and beautiful. If everybody could treat themselves with the same kindness, I truly believe the female population would be a million times happier!!

So all in all…this is a bit of a different post about getting bikini-ready for summer, but one I think we’re in need of nonetheless.

Based on my own personal past experiences, the biggest change you can make is from the INSIDE. Of course, we can give ourselves body goals to help improve confidence – I myself am currently trying to tone up and build muscle in the gym before I go off to sunnier climates – BUT I really want to emphasise that there isn’t one image that is the best, we shouldn’t all be aiming for and pining after the exact same body, even if it’s persistently waved in front of our faces in magazines and social media.

Every single shape, every single body type and every single woman is AMAZING!

So…let’s start believing it.




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