Direction is something that I have come to look at as one of the most important things in life. Without it, we have no purpose and are hopelessly, simply lost.

Many of us think we have direction, but are in fact just riding a current that is beyond our control. Others think they are heading in the right direction but it turns out not to lead where they had hoped.

The hard-hitting, ruthless fact is that DIRECTION is one of the most difficult things to achieve, and one of the easiest to lose. Life batters, rocks, shakes, launches at you its very worst…and when a boat has seen its fair share of stormy seas, it is never the case that it can pick up where it let off.

But before we look at regaining lost direction, let’s address the question of How?

How do we actually get it in the first place?

There is one answer. For some it is a lot easier to grasp than it is for others, but once you’ve found it, you’ll just knowPassion.


A human being who cannot find their passion is a human being that is caged and starved of true, meaningful existence; the kind of existence that has you excited to get up in the morning (for the most part) and the kind of existence that is worth actually fighting for. Passion is the compass we need in life, so if you can’t honestly read this and say “Yep. I got that.” then GO OUT AND FIND IT!

For those of us who know where we want to go but just keep losing the way or having obstacles knocked into the path, here’s a few things I always like to remember.

  • Stop expecting instant gratification for starters. Life is tough, and although so many of us acknowledge that fact, we don’t actually give it much thought when storms come our way. Too many people give up on their dreams and settle because they can’t deal with facing any more rejections, failures and confidence knocks. There is no such thing as overnight success. It simply does not happen, even though it might appear that way to others. It takes resilience, unrelenting effort and GRIT.
  • Know that no matter how lost you are, there’s always ways to get back on track. When sailors were lost at sea, they used to use all sorts of means to regain direction – current, wind, waves, birds’ behaviours, stars…There’s always a way, no matter how hopeless things may seem.
  • Stop letting others steer you away from your destination so easily. Don’t look at other people or charter your course because of their influence. They have nothing to do with your destination and shouldn’t really have much of an impact on your journey either. If they’re not in your crew (trustworthy friends and family) then they are most certainly not important.

I want anyone reading this who feels weighed down, confused, hopeless or lost with regards to where they are going and how they are getting there to STOP.

Stop for a minute and just breathe……

This time two years ago I didn’t even realise how far astray I had wandered. You know those spooky scenes in fantasy movies when the characters have to make their way across all the jagged, sharp rocks where all the ship wrecks are? – Well that was me. I had gone so far off my path that it seemed I’d never get back on track. However; patience, determination, learning and support from the right people enabled me to make the repairs I needed in order to reroute and start my journey once again.

It’s a comforting thought to remember that sometimes you need to get lost a few times so that when you actually get to wherever it is you’re going, you are ready to face it.






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