That time I was on T.V.

Ok, so last night I appeared on Matt Edmonson’s new reality TV show, ‘Dress To Impress‘; think ‘Dinner Date‘ only instead of dinner it’s all about fashion. The show involves somebody being shopped for by 3 potential dates, hoping to impress with their pick of outfits. AND at the end of the programme, there is that ever so important question of “Do you want to see each other again?

On the day of filming I was completely elated. The show embodied so much that I love- fashion, light-hearted TV and most of all good entertainment. The production team were an absolute dream and hey-ho, if I met a nice fittie at the end, well that would just be the cherry on top of an absolutely perfect day.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.44.56
Leeds student?? Sorry ….. haha

I’d tried on a lot of different outfits the boys had chosen, ranging from mediocre and basic to simply horrendous, but kudos to them, everyone knows I’m a nightmare to shop for. HOWEVER … there was one dress that stood out from the rest, the clear winner in the midst of utter fashion disasters.

When I got out of my taxi to meet the winner, I was quite excited to go for cocktails and have our date. Aidan was nice looking and seemed like a good laugh…on with the night!


My verdict – No awkward silences, no huge disagreements or nasty, insulting remarks. Pleasant and sweet.

Do you want to see each other again?

Well the answer for me was logically “yes”, just like it would be if you were making a new friendship. I’m definitely not known for being a brutal person so to say “No” was only ever going to be an option if something had gone terribly wrong….Aidan had other ideas. He revealed his card and my heart dropped as I read it to say “NO” !

I was genuinely in shock as worries and concerns began flying through my head. What had I possibly done wrong? People are going to make fun of me! I’ve just been rejected on tv. This is embarrassing. Blah blah blah… get the picture. I was freaking out. The only optimistic thought I could possibly fathom from this outcome was that it would make great TV.

Now, once the initial shock had passed, I started thinking like me again. People face knock backs all the time throughout their lives. Yes, mine happened to be on itv2 but it was a show I had an absolute ball filming! The date made up about 10% of my experience that day, yet I’d been prepared to allow it to taint the other 90%? Noooo – we’re all so frightened nowadays of putting ourselves ‘out there‘.


  • What if I look like a mug?
  • What if I get rejected?
  • What if I get pied?

How can we expect to live life to the full if we’re too busy cowering in a corner, worrying about what could happen if we do? Regrets are something I hope to avoid when I’m older. I want to be able to say that I never let the fear of what others would think or say, stop me from grasping every opportunity and throwing my all into what life offers me.

This is the attitude that everyone I have ever admired and looked up to has adopted – not giving a crap.

Whether it’s career related, to do with dating, education, feelings, mental struggles…do not let other people’s judgements instil fear within you or stop you from putting yourself ‘out there‘.

  • I made the decision to go on a TV show and loved it.
  • I was completely true to myself throughout.
  • I got knocked after a far from realistic date surrounded by cameras.

And Aidan, thanks for the message you sent me on Instagram. Sorry to say this is the closest thing you’ll be getting to a response.

If you missed it, you can follow this link to tune in to a fun filled, cheesy hour of me on ‘Dress To Impress‘…



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    I think it was pretty obvious to anyone who watched the episode was that guy was scared of rejection and said no because he thought you would. He loooked nervous as hell and it was clear you were way out of his league. What a fool , his loss

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beckyscoop says:

      what a lovely thing to say! Thanks so much. At least I got to keep the dress šŸ˜‰


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